Villas for rent in Saint James

Barbados Villa offers a choice of private and luxury villas for rent in Saint James. Not all villas are frontline beach rentals, but all of them are very close to the beach. If you check the details of the individual beach house rentals, you will find information about the distance to the beach.

Here you will find the nightlife, beach trance parties and the largest flea market which is working on Wednesdays. The service: restaurants, souvenir and jewelry shops, tourist offices, supermarket.

Most of the villas in Saint James has free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, private parking and comfortable spacious rooms and kitchen.

Book your beach villa in Saint James and enjoy a holiday with unbeatable sea views from your terrace.

The Best Villas in Saint James

6 BR, Westmoreland
A private villa within a golf resort! Ocean Drive is a 6-bedroom luxury villa for rent in the north-western end of Barbados. There...
4 BR, Sandy Lane
A tropical paradise at Barbados in the Caribbean! Eden Villa is a 4-bedroom luxury holiday villa for rent in the west coast of...
9 BR, Sandy Lane
Ocean Pearl is an exclusive estate in the Sandy Lane neighborhood of Barbados. This is a large 9-bedroom holiday villa for rent in...
5 BR, Sandy Lane
An enchanting destination beside the Caribbean Sea, White Villa welcomes guests to a luxury lifestyle within the privacy of a...
10 BR, The Garden
Stay in a historic property, a 1.7 acres’ private villa for rent in beautiful Barbados. Villa Irene has 6 beautiful buildings, all...
6 BR, The Garden
Beach Villa is a stunning 6-bedroom holiday villa for rent in the west coast of Barbados. This luxury estate has a colonial façade...
6 BR, Holders Hill
Enjoy the calypso sun, sand, and the surf in a 6-bedroom private villa for rent in Barbados. A luxury resort in every way, this...
6 BR, Westmoreland
Ocean Villa is a 6-bedroom exclusive sea-view property in Barbados. Part of a gated community, this stunning villa for rent has a...
5 BR, Sandy Lane
Enjoy the Caribbean sun in a small 5-bedroom villa for rent in Barbados. This is a charming private estate nestled between tall...

General FAQ

⛱ What are the top attractions to visit in Barbados?

Let's explore the best attractions in Barbados: Shark hole, Carlisle Bay, Pamir, Enterprise (Miami) Beach, Oistin's Friday Night Fish Fry.

🎈 What are the top places to see in Barbados?

Visit the Barbados Museum & Historical Society, Wildlife Reserve, Grenade Hall Signal Station, and Forest.

🍎 What is the best month to go to Barbados?

The best time to visit Barbados is between July and November. This time around 30 degrees every day.

🔥 Where should we stay in Barbados?

The west coast of Barbados is fringed by the calm Caribbean, so is ideal for relaxing.

❓ Which beach in Barbados is most beautiful?

Gibbs Beach is a strong contender for the west coast's most beautiful beach. Protection Status
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